Okay so about 13 hrs of flight across the Atlantic, we arrived in Nairobi Kenya. Took another quick flight right away to land at Kilimanjaro International Airport. Both flight were thankfully very smooth, but I must say , it is a long time to be flying over the Atlantic if you ask me. I tried to mostly sleep, fell asleep while praying my rosary, then watched random flight movies, cuddled my daughters who sat on both of my sides, anything to distract me from the fact that all my life’s most precious cargo – my family, were all aboard this flight flying over a huge ocean.

My DH sat with our twin boys directly infront of our seats. I am sure his mind was checking off many mental lists and maybe even wondering “ what the F**k are we even doing embarking on such an adventure with our young children?”…..But his smile was always reassuring as if to say “ God’s got us”. Indeed the truth is that God has always had us. We flew next to the commanding  mountain Kilimanjaro and we awed at its majesty from the  sight we glimmered from our plane’s windows.

I was so relived to  get off the long flights and to touch foot again on Mother Africa’s soil – Alleulia!!! Once we cleared customs, a friendly face was outside to greet us. His name was Hilary, a short strong build man with a kind smile, a representative from our outfitters- Gladys Adventure Tours. Our driver drive us about 35 mins to our hotel and we were met by more warm faces greeting our family with handshakes and introductions, even cold glasses of mango juices for each of us.

We were showed to our room and multiple hands helped bring what now looked to me like  way too many bags to our rooms. Watching them hurling all our luggage in a linear procession reminded me of a scene from Eddie Murphy’s Coming to America, except we were definitely no royalty. I just kept wondering if we had over packed -yikes

My concern of overpacking quicker disappeared when the two tour guides who will lead us up “Kili” tomorrow insisted on inspecting each and every piece of required item for the climb. Turns out I didn’t pack a snow pant / rain pants after all in all that luggage – crap! .

Next on the agenda , we drove with them to the “Office” where we  rented needed items such as hiking poles etc and oh buy snow  pants for me ,  were instructed on our route for tomorrow and given lessons on safety and how to pack our “day pack” and picked a name for our group, Alan came up with “ Gold Mane” , it was mostly unopposed in vote so yup that’s our group name -Gold Mane ( as in Lion gold mane get it ?). Finally we even got to meet the founder of the Gladys Adventure Tours, a round faced beautiful woman who appeared energetic. We settled our bill with her and then heard back to hotel for a nice family dinner.

It’s been a long day of travel, the kids have been patient and positive throughout. They mostly laugh and play with each other,  finding ways to entertain themselves while DH and I talk business with our tour guides, our 8 yr old insisting on rescuing an ant who was struggling for survival on its back , by stooping  down to blow air on the ant I order to blow  it back to upright stance for example. A sort of ant CPR I suppose- ah  Childhood energy and wonderment .

DH and I are exhausted after we get kids showers and tucked in, we had to repack all our luggage all over again, distributing it equally for our porters to handle for the journey.

I am writing because I want to remember as many details about this journey, and as many intimate moments as possible. I also am writing because I now know that some of you are reading and following our journey.  Thank you for taking time to read my blog and for your comments and follows.  As one of my dear friends reminded me  of today ….. I can’t wait to bring  God’s majestic creation Kilimanjaro to you through our eyes!


14 thoughts on “Hujambo!”

  1. Welcome!! Thank God for journey mercies… Enjoy every moment of this amazing adventure… Go ‘Gold Mane’!! ♥️


  2. God got you daughter of the most high.Rest ur mind and enjoy the trip and the adventures. 🙏🙏🙏🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😍😍kisses for my angels your pretty self and DH😂


  3. Any way to store the best of priceless memories is definitely the way to go…Jesus went to the mountain to pray a couple of times so I have no doubt that the greatest mountain climber got you guys….Have fun AM (assistant m😎)


  4. Nne so right, write them down for ur memory and we r loving to take this trip with u all. God’s speed tomorrow Gold Mane!


  5. Wow! What a fantastic piece ! I was beaming and smiling as I read through it. You guys are truly inspiring and blessed beyond measures to experience such adventures as a family.
    So proud of you KC as i still call you fondly😊
    May God continuous guidance and protection be upon you and your Lovelys each step of the way.
    # proud aunty. ❤💕
    Ps cracked up at the coming to America luggage part. Hilarious 😂


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