Midnight thinking on God

Thinking on God, Midnight thoughts midnight Friday June 21st 2019

**Entries were made each night in the hike up Mt Kilimanjaro with our family in 2019**

We are taking Diamox to prevent altitude sickness .Diamox which is a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor. I will spare you the  boring details of the  mechanisms of action mostly because I am no expert in Pharmacotherapeutics lol , however one of the side effects is frequent urination. We also took anti malaria medicine which has a side effect of vivid dreams on it’s own. So with the combination of both,  I found myself dreaming a very detailed experience of our family attending a play at the MUNY in St Louis.

To be fair I don’t recall what show we had just seen but what I recall is the intricate experiences and conversations we were having afterwards, I recall I was dreaming that after the show I went to pee , yup , pee ofcourse, except the lines were so long and as I waited, I end up getting locked inside the Muny somehow while DH and the kids were waiting for me outside .

Well some other patron was not excited about being told they had to go around to a different gate ( by the way I’m not even sure this is how the Muny works…) so she decides to scale the fence , tree and all , cleared her landing while security watched her , on the other side of the gate she is still furious and share a bunch of choice words accompanied with head and eye rolls at the security etc before walking off the property with her family while her now gathered fans watched in amazement.

Anyways, somehow I’m reunited with DH and the kids but now we all were still on the inside of the gate and like law abiding citizens start to make our way tiredly to the “ other gate”. I woke up  mostly at that point thinking damn I still need to pee! Okay okay that was a random dream for sure, but….

I did think about what a great physician God truly is, how he managed to create our bodies in such perfect unity of chemistry, biology and physics. Every atom amounts to some wondrous machinery that operates in perfect harmony. How he also gives us the foods to use to nourish that wonderful creation of his.

For example at our meals prepared on the hike up Kilimanjaro, we must have the right amount of salt , and sugar -electrolytes to keep the kidney flittering well and clearing toxins . Enough protein to keep rebuilding the muscles we utilize daily…. I really could go on, but as a physician who has studied the human body, I am in more awe at this perfect harmonious  symphony of creation of God!

As I return to my tent I glimpse the bold bright moon overhead ( the exact picture at the intro of the blog post) and again I am drawn to prayers…. Thank youGod for being so omnipotent and please keep your love ever near us in Jesus name Amen. Goodnight!

*DH –Darling Husband

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