4 thoughts on “Baranco Camp- Day 3”

  1. Kele nwannem, I am surprised that I didn’t follow this blog in real time. Anyways I am excited to see and read about the beautiful experience you all had. What an awesome checked off bucket list moments you had. The kids will definitely talk about it for the rest of the days. I am also very happy the trip went smoothly. You write so beautifully, and your expressions bring everything to life. Jisie ike my dear.


  2. I had to take time to follow your stories and I must say, your writing skills is phenomenal. Although I saw the pictures of this wonderful experience last year on Facebook, reading the stories behind it now has brought life to those pictures. I am happy you all made it safely up and down. It’s a one time experience and kuddos to Uncle Chris, the twins and the ladies.


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