Feeling cooped up !

March 26, 2020 and the Coronavirus is raging the entire world. This deadly virus brings along with it chaos and an immense amount of anxiety and fear. It is a respecter of no one, as everyone fears for their life.
A mandate for stay at home orders as been mandated by the government for all non essential workers in an attempt to promote social distancing and flatten the curve of contagion.

We are all staying at home now, parents are home schooling their children with all their might 🥴, wonderful teachers are using technology as helpful tool to support parents homeschooling efforts, albeit at times the share amount of emails and information threatens to ennui date us.

Parenting skills including our patience, creativity and not to mention knowledge of 6th grade math skills have been challenged to the core. We wait indoors , at times unable to pull ourselves away from the scary news detailing pestilence around the world .
Within our homes, we sanitize and pray for safety for ourselves , for our loved ones and for our world. We are afraid for so many reasons , our fear based on facts and at times myths about this virus .

As a Catholic , the holy rosary is a source of great comfort . Tonight comfort came while meditating on the third glorious mystery of the holy rosary. The scene is after the crucifixion of Jesus, Mary and the apostles return to the upper room and they too ( like us these days) were COOPED up and full of fear. Their messiah has just been crucified for heaven’s sakes !😰

Then enters the Holy Spirit, the great encourager to give them strength to evangelize the good news and remind them that they are not abandoned…What a feeling!

We too must hang in there , doing our best to self preserve and save our world by maintaining our social distance while we wait patiently for our own Pentecost day. We cannot express enough gratitude for the healthcare workers working so hard to save lives while risking theirs. Through their efforts, we hope to have Pentecost day again soon .

Wishing you all strength and love through this crisis …. STAY SAFE and ENCOURAGED!💕🙏🏾


2 thoughts on “Feeling cooped up !”

  1. I admire your private blog. Good to express your thought, observation, Philosophy and vision. It is a challenging time working from home and eLearning with kids. God will see us through. My regards to Chris


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