Safari Experiences

Safari Experiences !

I write now from a memory that has aged , over a year old now . However, these are still very very sweet memories.

Our family of Six has just successfully descended from Mt Kilimanjaro after spending a glorious awe inspiring week in its majestic presence. We got back to the office of Gladys Adventures and took care of business quickly, our feet fired and dusty from the earth, I gladly left my hiking boots for a lady Porter whom we had encountered on our hike up. I had noticed her because one she was one of the only female porters that we saw carrying heavy loss up the mountain and two because she only had what looked like casual canvas shoes to do all the hiking and carrying up the huge mountain. Anyways, I hope my hiking boots make their way into her hands somehow.

We then left to head to our Safari experience with Gladys’s only son Hillary, the same gentleman who had picked us up from the airport when we had arrived initially in Tanzania. Our car ride was a few hours to get to a very fancy game reserve – Maribou

Their slogan was “ welcome to a happy place with happy people” It was beyond gorgeous!!! #TakeMeBack!

They served us chilled juices while going over the welcomes as the giraffe elegantly parades the grounds . It truly was a scene out of a movie! Only disappointment was the shower was not warm for me that first night although DH says the opposite “ I totally remember you took a warm shower, a 100%” ah well… my memory just recalls yearning for the hottest yet most comfortable showers through out the rest of our stay both in Tanzania on the safari or later on while in South Africa , and feeling like the showers just kept missing the mark . Either it was too hot and difficult to regulate ( fancy ocean front house in Cape cod) or not warm enough showers ( because the sun didn’t shine hot enough to power the solar showers on the safari). Oh! Correction, there was a pleasant shower experience with a very balanced water temperatures at the home of my in laws whom we visited on Johannesburg 😍

The experience seeing the animals and God’s amazing handiwork on display , feeling a part of the circle of life and yet feeling so minuscule when considering the creative events so long ago like the bones of the oldest human “Lucy” a few yards for where we now stand , truly all of it , was mind blowing .

We saw so many animals in their natural habitat , lions with their nearby cute cubs seemingly “playing “ only to look closer with binoculars to see the cubs were just sharing a fresh kill dinner that their mama Lioness just brought home ! Something about knowing that these cute cubs were tossing around a large bone of another animal with blood tinged lips made them look slightly less “ cute” lol

Giraffes in their elegance, hyenas appearing as nasty as they are frequently portrayed on the Disney films, cheetahs and leopard with their shy disposition , Hippos and the stories about their strength and to see them walk with stubby legs on land wow!. Our time on the Safari was like taking a course on nature, the delicate balance of life , every animal co existing with their own lessons to be learned by usb

Our guides was very knowledgeable too. Hillary especially amazed ya with his natural knowledge and easy way of communicating, at times even pulling out guide books to confirm information which he shared.

DH did such a fantastic job at trip planing that we got to move around quite a bit staying at marvelous accommodations around and in the Serengeti including spending spending a night at the bottom of Ngorogoro Crater!

My parents joined us while we were in the Seregenti and added to the fun. To be blessed to have my 80 yrs old father and my 70 yr old mother on the African Safari felt surreal, I only wished my lovely in laws could have been there as well.

We wrapped up the week on the Safari and headed to join my sister and her family who were now visiting South Africa from Dallas TX . Our traveling gang felt more complete and warm with the added joy of cousins and extended family.

I now write from memory. I write from sept 2020 amidst a pandemic. I write with the encouragement from my mother in law Oma who has put my words/ blog posts into a book form and has waited this long to complete the book with the Safari experience. I write from a place of gratitude for the many adventures we have already had as a family. I write in appreciation of life , health , for the love of family and friends, for the freedom and opportunity to explore the world . I will never take these things for granted .

The Cousins💕

7 thoughts on “Safari Experiences”

  1. You have a way of elegantly writing your experience in such a way as to captivate your readers and immersing them into your world as if there were there with you. Keep it up dear

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  2. This is such a good piece. The last paragraph meant a lot to me. Family is everything! Cherish these moments❤️ Well done Kels


  3. Beautiful post. It was a memorable vacation indeed. Life is fun when you have such memories with your loved once and friends.


  4. This is beautiful Kele! What a blessing to share this wonderful experience with your family. I am in awe of God’s creation.


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