Healing OUTLOUD!

It has been way too long a time away from my blog. Too long , a quiet from sharing my thoughts in writing. Infact, it been about a whole year precisely, since I last published my thoughts on my blog. Incase you’re curious, I had written about how we have been preserved thus far by God’s grace in my last blog around the turn of the new year 2020/2021.

Of course, I’ve written many a piece in the past 2021 year but somehow have kept them locked away, perhaps possessively protecting my words from the world. Or perhaps there was already too much “ noise“ in this our current pandemic world.

The truth is my hiding of my words may not have been fully intentional. Infact, I think this maybe more commonplace , as many people, I imagine write wonderfully inspiring words only to themselves in journals/ diaries everyday.

However, I was reminded recently how much writing is freeing , even when we do not choose to publish our words to the world. There is something incredibly COURAGEOUS when we choose to share our meaningful words out loud. Think about it, choosing to share one’s thoughtful opinion to others , really is a privilege on both the giving and the receiving sides.

Well, I’m choosing to own my privilege to be able to express myself through my words again out loud and that feels so EMBOLDENING!

Honestly, this past year TWO ( can you even believe this?) of pandemic did “ mute“ me in many ways. There were brand new challenges that I hadn’t expected, perhaps because maybe I thought that just having to live through a pandemic should already be enough of a struggle right? Nah…I have had my own struggles with my health . You see the thing is , having my good health , I previously subconsciously felt it be a constant companion . No It’s not that I took my good health ,for granted but I just didn’t have the perspective to appreciate its absence.

Now of course , I have had temporary spaces when I wasn’t healthy but nothing that was as scary as wondering about “serious” diagnosis as I did in this past year. As a physician, having medical knowledge can become a serious handicap that elevates ones anxiety when you’re faced with the unknown. I wondered about having some many different diagnoses, that it exhausted me!

Thankfully, my worst diagnostic fears were not realized and I so appreciate the loving support of my family and friends and of course , all the wonderful physicians that helped answer my questions and added to my healing.

I am still healing and now I have a whole new appreciation for what it means to live in my healthy body again.

So perhaps like many of you, the pandemic may have stirred up a lot in your lives , whether for good or bad, however we KEEP healing and repairing what’s been lost/hurt.

I once heard someone say that “ Covid had me in a really small place “ implying it had muted us and taken away so much from our lives . No matter what this incredibly difficult pandemic takes from us, we CAN heal it back with the grace of God.

Remember, God has sustained us thus far…..💕Wishing you ALL healing and WINS as we head into the new year 2022 and I am so grateful I found the courage to once again speak my words OUTLOUD!

17 thoughts on “Healing OUTLOUD!”

  1. I do love this. Keep writing and healing out loud. Your words, especially when you let them move you like this will do more than you can ever hope or dream of. They helped me heal out loud, grieve out loud too when we lost my dearest sister in law in 2021. I am a living testimony that it can help you live and I so look forward to how you continue to heal your way with words that come to you.


  2. “…having medical knowledge can become a serious handicap that elevates ones anxiety when you’re faced with the unknown”.
    This is an incredibly beautiful write up. Yes, covid has stirred up a lot of inner self examination. For me, it wasn’t easy making a life-changing decision about my health and I have come to realize that good health is priceless. Being grateful to God is an understatement because, in this pandemic times, it is important to make it a habit to ALWAYS appreciate God for sustenance and provision.

    Keep inspiring lives big sis. God bless you


  3. Wow! I’m always in utter awe and inspired by your incredible words and ability to put pen to paper taking us slowly through the journey till the end. . Your strength, tenacity, sweetnatured meek spirit. One of the attributes I love most about you is truly commendable.
    Even through the darkest hours of life, when we are hit with uncertainties, its hard for one to remain calm, hopefully and optimistic.
    But you always manage to have that poise that one can never imagine you’re in any kind of worry. Welldone to you dearest.
    I can also relate to a few words you mentioned and I always try to keep a positive attitude towards life knowing God got us all and its all going to be OK in the end.
    Its been a tumultuous couple of years and a lot of grief, sadness, most especially loss to say the least.
    May He continue to be our Guide and help even when there seems to be no way.
    Love you cuzzie.


    1. It’s been a rough time of our lives with this past remix and we certainly don’t need folks adding more salt to our injuries . Thanks for your insightful comments my dear


  4. Beautifully written Kels😘😘😘😘😘 even through the toughest time, God has been faithful. My loss birthed a new journey for me, that am grateful for. Keep writing Honey.


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