Happy MLK Day!

Let me start by saying Happy MLK day to my readers!

You see, for me MLK day is extra special on many levels. Not just because of all the adorable service projects that our elementary school would engage the kids in. Nope MLK day is one happy day in our home for a special reason.

You see, MLK holiday circa 2003 was an igniting factor that made the blessed family that DH * and I have , possible!

That year, as a first year medical student, I had traveled to visit my parents in New Orleans on a red eye ticket I purchased on Priceline ( remember those? You pay for a cheap flight so you know you will fly, but when exactly will you fly?.. we don’t know this!🤪).

Of course , my now less youthful perhaps more rigid self , cannot imagine letting go of so much “ control” in deciding when I get to take a flight or not.

Thankfully , my 25 yrs old more naive, bright eyed spontaneous self could care less and was game for the Priceline flight guessing game.

Well, I ended up as a “Stand by” passenger on a connecting flight in Chicago , on my way back from New Orleans to St. Louis. I was totally fine with this arrangement, as long as I eventually got to St Louis , then I was good!

Well it turns out this infamous connecting flight was also connecting my DH in Chicago, as he travelled from Denver back to St. Louis!

To cut a long story short, DH and I met at the baggage claim in St. Louis and the rest is history – a spontaneous weekend trip to visit him all the way in Alaska 😳, a romantic engagement over the pacific ocean, two wedding ceremonies in two continents, four beautiful children and a host of blessings in family , friends , and wonderful life full of adventures and some challenges.

My heart owes gratitude to Martin Luther King Jr for his dream that in turn has allowed so many more to not only to dream but also to have an chance to realize those dreams.

I am grateful that our country has chosen to honor his legacy with a special day dedicated to his memory , However this days should also serve as reminder of the work that still remains to be done by all of us to advance the cause of equality and inclusion.

MLK day made it possible for my own individual AND family dreams to take root!

Therefore, I would not trade my youthful spontaneity or my Priceline tickets on that faithful MLK day for anything in the world!

Thank you MLK for the life you led and the legacy we continue to honor💕

Visiting the MLK monument in Washington DC summer 2018.

As always, thank you for reading my blog and of course I welcome your comments and any shared experiences . Please feel free to also “follow” so you can get notifications on future blog posts💕

**DH (Darling Husband)

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