The Day I finally got covid 😏

I typically love to blog about experiences while my memory is still fresh . This time felt like it should be different, like I outta wait to make sure the future outcome was manageable, first.

It’s one thing to understand Covid infection in theory or from other people’s experiences versus your own PERSONAL experience.

So I waited …

Questions squiring in my mind, will I just get the run of the mill fatigue or will GI symptom decide to join the “fun” too? Of course there are numerous possible Covid symptoms and these can vary from person to person.

SO ..I just waited.

Having been vaccinated early in the pandemic (when one ignorant stranger posted on my FB wall that I might as well sign up for the mark of the beast too lol (inukwa😂) and then boosted as soon as I could, I expected my symptoms to be “ mild”,

SO.. I just waited.

You see, a part of me was beginning to think that perhaps I would never get Covid .

I mean , after all this time , with test after test, one close call after another with an unvaccinated patient in my office with their masks down on their chin, and yet that lovely welcomed NEGATIVE sign on each CVS Covid test notification phew 😅

I was starting to feel like a Covid Ninja” but I still mostly was careful, at times feeling like an “alien” wearing mask when you’re in the minority.

You see , I was not exactly thinking I was one of those believing they are “ COVID INVINCIBLE”, but perhaps , I was just….well, HOPEFUL 🤪

I felt I must be doing something right, or just extremely “lucky”? ☘️

Living my vaccinated boasted life and then one day … BAM!!! 😏

I knew something was off when I fell asleep with my boots still on, on after my daughter’s birthday family dinner. That morning I woke up feeling poorly so I asked DH to help give me a rapid Covid test . The process was NOT pleasant as he got both an oral pharyngeal AND a. nasal-pharynx swabs just to be certain …ugh!

Yup! Fifteen minutes later , I officially joined the 71 826,186 Americans who have tested positive for Covid 19 . In some ways honestly, I was kinda relieved to be able to finally get this thing over and done with already ….geesh😏

Ultimately, I am grateful to God for having mild symptoms – thanks to my vaccination status, however I was NOT prepared for the difficulties of isolation and quarantine .

I think the worse parts of being quarantined was having my daughters be scrapped from their annual dance competition due to MY Covid 19 positive status 😞 after all their hard work all year .

Then enters GRACE💕

“ My Grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness “- 2 Corinthians 12:9

I cried (mostly from the ever close by momma’s guilt ), after I was informed that our daughters could no longer perform their sister Duet number called GENETICS at the convention this weekend.

I should have done more to keep from getting Covid and “ ruining “ their weekend . However , their faces on FaceTime as we shared the news, comforted and reassured me that we will ALL be okay even after this .

I am so grateful for their gracefulness in adapting to the news. Their dance teacher also offered us a most sweetest gesture when she sent them a personal video message encouraging them both, during the time slot that they were scheduled to perform on stage, that next day…. Again Grace 💕

Here’s a link to check out their GENETICS dance performance from a previous show

Sitting in isolation is so HARD for a busy mother! You now become only an OBSERVER in your own home, hearing the bustling of your children around your active home but you cannot be a PARTICIPANT.

Nonetheless this time has also allowed me to get to “KNOW” more about my restlessness, but also about children – who is the most scared about not having me around? who is the most self protective and stays away so they don’t get Covid?😂, who is making sure I have food at my door , early in the morning before they leave for school and who is face timing to check in 💕etc etc .

I have appreciated ALL the versions of care and characters that I have been able to observe quietly from my place of isolation . It is allowed me to peek through a window to know my children’s abilities during adversity.

As I heal, I have been blessed through so many avenues with loving and encouraging messages from my loved ones, immune boasting advice from my parents, and the biggest support from DH **who is now a solo commander of our SHIP with his co captain out of commission. Thank you for your love and support that is contributing immensely to my healing possible.❤️

If you find yourself in quarantine and isolation, make an effort to stay connected to loved ones via calls, engaging in leisurely activities that you enjoy, a Bath, a good book or Netflix maybe good starters. In my isolation, our dog Teddy has been my most loyal companion, he is clearly not afraid of Covid and refuses to leave my side! 🐶💕

Teddy never leaving my side💕

Thankfully, the terrifying grip of this pandemic seems to be receding but we must keep praying for those still fighting for their lives in our many hospitals.

Day three is feeling MUCH better than Day two , which was better than Day One , so with a heart full of gratitude I just wait…🙏🏾💕

As always, thank you for reading my blog and of course I welcome your comments and any shared experiences . Please feel free to also “follow” so you can get notifications on future blog posts💕

**Darling husband

22 thoughts on “The Day I finally got covid 😏”

  1. Thank you, Dr. Lyond, for sharing your experience with COVID and quarantine. It can be terrifying and depressing, but with God and a good support system, we can overcome it. I have been fortunate so far with negative COVID-19 especially being a front-line worker. I hope to have mild symptoms or none at all WHEN I do get it 😂😂😂. Hang in there, sister, the worst is behind you. You are in my thoughts and Prayers. Keep up the good work.


      1. Thank God you are getting better.
        Mankind will beat this virus. Very soon we will. I miss live as it was before covid

        I have worn a mask EVERYDAY for 2 years.
        We have lost friendly smiles behind these masks.
        We will beat covid by the GRACE of God soon very soon.


  2. Aww, I hope you feel better and can get out of quarantine soon. Thank God for grace! I hope you get some rest too, during this ‘quiet’ time. As always, thank you for sharing. ❤️


  3. Thank God for the healing process. I have tested quite a lot even during and after our Christmas vacation. We had our work party last year and two doctors tested positive. The scare it caused was something else. They got everyone to test. Luckily I have been negative. Hmmm even with the booster dose one still catches this bug.. 😩

    Get well soon Kels! I have you in my prayers 😘😘🙏🏼


  4. Well I enjoyed the read but I was anticipating a deeper expose into the kids characters. Like who was checking up, who was scared of getting covid & who was missing you so much. Lol…. I love Tedy.., dogs have extremely great hearts. They love you till death do them part🤣🤣🤣🤣. God created dogs to be unconditional lovers of humans. Such a loving thing for God to do! I have 3 big boerboels but once my last is grown to about 3-4, I’ll get a Tedy!!! 🤣🤣🤣


  5. COVID is no joke but thank God you are fully vaccinated, boosted and getting better! I love your gratitude message of seeing the cup constantly as half-full. Keeping you and your beautiful family in prayers 🙏🏾


  6. Thank God for the gift of life. In every situation we should thank the Lord.You really prepared not to be a partakers of this dreadful virus but God know best.
    We miss you so much at the convention and I also miss the girls but still we thank God,don’t be too hard on yourself for the girls not being able to participate this weekend!! God understand and they are always a winner .Take care of yourself we need you outside here and you are healed by his Grace.


    1. Amen o !!!
      I miss you and our tradition of connecting during all these dance events , especially today. Thank you for your prayers and for your friendship fellow dance mom🙌🏽💕
      Hope your girls OWN the stage this weekend! We shall be back by the grace of God amen 🙏🏾


  7. My thoughts and prayers are with you sis. Biko swing out of it. This COVID-19 thing has left us all totally fatigued. GET BETTER SOON!


  8. Aww so sorry dear and pray you’re all better and recovered. I can totally relate to the idea of feeling like a covid ninja until the unexpected inevitable strikes especially when you least expect. My husband and I had covid in 2020 Christmas and it was just horrendous. I hadn’t even vaccinated then so we had the full whack expect the loss of senses. Hubby took more bullets but thank goodness he conquered.
    My heart melted in the part you wrote your little dog didn’t want to leave your side and what a cute pic😍
    Thank God for healing Grace and we continue to put our lives in His mercy 🙏🏽


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