Embarking on Kilimanjaro….

05BE2741-295B-4636-AA84-4574CDF26B31Sunday June 16th 2019… in about 8 hrs my husband and I are taking our four precious children on a trip of a lifetime.

We have spent the past two days enjoying NewYork City ‘s tourist sites and visiting family and old friends. This is our pit stop on our way to Tanzania to hike Kilimanjaro. Yes the highest free standing mountain in Africa! And did I mention we are going with our four children ages 11yrs daughter , twin boys who will turn 10yrs the day we summit and our 8yr old daughter?. We have had our eye on this goal for  several years now and now we are just hours away from embarking on the journey.

I’m writing to release my nerves but I also am so excited at the possibility. To see with our own eyes, majestic creations of God while bonding our family ties . Summit day will find us exhilarated and I’m sure tired , maybe even exhausted, but definitely GRATEFUL!

Grateful for the opportunity, grateful for this beautiful life we share together. It has taken a lot of sacrifice to do this and my DH has been such a ROCK in planning and executing this family adventure . I am most grateful for his love and adventurous spirit that motivates us all.

My prayer is that of safety and joy! I have asked loved ones for their prayers and kind thoughts as we journey.  I will ask the same of you , my readers  .

I plan to document our trip as we go and you are welcome to come along on the adventure with us! I hope to look back on this someday with even more GRATITUDE to have gone and seen for ourselves Kilimanjaro!

4 thoughts on “Embarking on Kilimanjaro….”

  1. Very gutsy and fearless adventure! The thought of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, makes my stomach run! shuuuuuuu!!! Now, I know who to call when we are ready for such adventure.

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