Excess Love❤️

So you know how you sometimes get a particular song literally STUCK in your head and then on your lips, if you dare to belt it out ? … Well that is what this song by a Nigerian gospel songstress Mercy Chinwo , is currently doing to my senses! I used this during my morning devotion and now literally found myself singing this out loud in my basement office , every chance I got, and yes even in between patients’ zoom telemedicine calls.

Each time Alexa played the song ( and by the way, the remix with JJ Hairston is so lit too! – thanks for the recommendation BB 🙌🏽) it was an instant teleport to a private dance party with The Holy Spirit!

Here is a link to listen and have your very own Holy Spirit party:

The lyrics are simple and so beautiful . It talks about the love of God being kind, patient and ultimately how God loves us excessively❤️

What a glorious gift.

Clearly , the relationship we each have with our creator is so personal . I know for me some days , it feels so intimate and then there are those days , I feel like I’m just ignoring God as I go about checking off my daily stressful To do list . Those days feel like I am seriously taking matters into my own hands.. and boy does it feel heavy! 🥺

Thankfully, today was an intimate kind of day where this devotional song that was literally “stuck “in my head , provided me a constant spiritual boost where God felt like he was jiving with me all day long!

Practically speaking , I am curious about what excess love from God feels like for you? Is it a joyful heart? Is it a feeling of well-being and accomplishment? Or is it just PEACE? I wonder …

There is something about having ANYTHING in excess , that also feels like it should be SHARED.

In my African culture, when you have an unexpected visitor in your home , especially during mealtime, you gladly invite them to share in your meal. Not to mention if you had an EXCESS, then you ABSOLUTELY should find it easier to share 😉

I believe God’s excess love ignites in us the zeal to share it . Luckily since the source of this love is limitless, we don’t have to worry about ever running short of this love supply , especially when we share.

It is really lovely to just relax and not feel like we have to “ hoard” God’s love for ourselves, for it is in giving that we receive even more… How RAD is that?!🤩

Sprinkled throughout this blog post are reflections of God’s excess love in MY life, mostly in the form of love of my family and friends…. too many blessings to count/depict pictorially actually.

Clearly God’s embodiment of his love on earth is through loving Human interactions.

So my dear reader, with WHOM and HOW do YOU share your excess goodness from God?

As always, thank you for reading my blog and of course I welcome your comments and any shared experiences . Please feel free to also “follow” so you can get notifications on future blog posts💕

33 thoughts on “Excess Love❤️”

  1. I absolutely love this! Love is a beautiful thing💞💞💞💞 am a sucker for love. I share Gods goodness with my amazing child hood sweetheart and hubby. My beautiful mom, siblings, kids, friends and even colleagues at work.

    I was raised in a home filled with so much ❤️ that am forever thankful to God for, his mercies and Kindness towards me are unexplainable.

    In my own little way I show love by giving and sharing laughter with all.

    Well done Kels! Your stories are inspiring 😍

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  2. U are right. Am a fan of love for God and my family. There is nothing like those two kind of love. Sometimes u feel God love overwhelming all around u just the way u describe it. Love ur write up.

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  3. Thanks for sharing. God’s love is abundant. It’s excess. He did not create us to suffer us. He wonderfully and carefully created us. Sharing is a gift from God. Just as with spiritual gifts, God wants us to use our talents and skills for the benefit of others. God doesn’t give us anything just for our own benefit. After all, we’re blessed to be a blessing.

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  4. Excess Love! one of my favorite all time worship songs. Its so beautiful to see the world with so much love and the excess unfailing love God has for us..

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  5. Oooh Yes Kelechukwu my dear . With Love we have everything we need in our lives. Thanks to Our Awesome God for blessing us all and granting us His Excess endless love. And we will continue to obey and Glorify His Holy Name forever and ever . Amen. 🙏🙏

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  6. I truly enjoy all of your blogs Kelechi. This one resonated deeply in my soul! It reminded me to continue to take on God’s nature, spirit and mind! Nothing like the PEACE of God and that deep down JOY to the fullness! I love your shine !!! 🥰


  7. I truly enjoy all of your blogs Kelechi. This one resonated deeply in my soul! It reminded me to continue to take on God’s nature, spirit and mind! Nothing like the PEACE of God and that deep down JOY to the fullness! I love your shine !!! 🥰


  8. I love listening to excess love. It’s a gentle and subtle reminder of how unconditional and limitless God’s love is. I play it almost every morning, especially when I am getting ready for work or face the day. Thanks, KC .


  9. This song by Mercy always reminds me of how exceedingly God’s love is. I was blessed to watch her perform sometime in port Harcourt. It was really uplifting. When you are surrounded by people who love you or raised in a lovely home, you will come to appreciate God’s love in your life. Thanks big sis for reminding us of God’s everlasting love


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