Drama In The Air

We made a pact- My girls and I stacked our hands together piling it high atop of the youngest daughters’s lap , as they made a promise to not marry “ a red faced, bald headed, boss baby looking , ugly, rude,ugly again, mean person”.( Their words by the way lol)

You see our flight today was sprinkled with drama. Too much spice if you ask me .

First a flight delay, thanks to bad weather circling around New Orleans. Then there was the rude , violent passenger who we all had witnessed verbally abusing his wife. SO many F bombs dropped on that poor lady for reportedly loosing some of his personal article ( not sure what , exactly)and then he threatened that he wanted to just go home and scrap the trip. Ofcourse, it was hard to determine whether the cantankerous couple were headed towards their home or away from their home.

Since this was all unfolding in a crowded airport boarding gate, all the passengers ,us included, just pretended to ignore the arguing couple. Then the frustrated wife walks away, leaving her husband , who initially sat there texting ,making a phone call. He then got up and began making conversations with another male passenger. He was still loud enough to be heard as he talked about his frustration at the delays and all he wanted was to get to drink some whiskey , listen to jazz and go fishing in New Orleans.

“You guys can have a drink on me “- the pilot.

The above was part of the pilot’s apology to us, the passengers for what had transpired shortly afterwards.

You see, that wife had somehow disappeared, it wasn’t clear whether she herself gave up on the trip and abandoned her verbally abusive husband who just sat there next to us , still with a filthy mouth unfortunately.

Boarding began , and we got scanned and started to make our way down the jet bridge when we heard the female flight agent leave her gate post, assertively telling a man “ Sir you cannot board this flight now, get off the jet bridge!”.

Upon turning around to see what the commotion was all about, there he was again, that same F bomb dropping man! He apparently did not have his boarding pass scanned by the agent and yet was adamant to get on the flight . He literally pushed his way through this fragile but strong willed flight agent, yelling in her face that he paid “ over a thousand F ing dollars to get on that flight !” Oh and that his wife was already on the flight…somehow,( I guess she was A list.🤷

The whole thing was pure chaos! DH *and I trying to keep our kids safe from danger , torn by our helplessness for this flight agent who was tying to literally hold off this large aggressive man who was posturing his fist violently towards her face and Infact may very well had struck her as this sandy blond haired flight agent was now red in the face but holding strong. She called for her manager and backup in a heavy voice .

A well dressed African American woman in an all red suit came rushing towards the scene, strongly reiterating the same message for the man to get off the jet bridge. The man unrelenting , dishes out more verbal threats as he dropped his bag as if to get ready for a fight. The lady in the red suit appeared fearless and did not flinch at his threats, even though he was twice her size!

Eventually, the captains / pilots came to the scene to try and reason with this man . At this point , we then proceeded to get on the aircraft , all shook up from the events earlier.

Violence is such a terrible thing . It really can be an expression of the worst of our human condition. It can be very uncomfortable to experience, whether we are the witness, victim , or even the perpetrator.

It can leave us feeling helpless or guilty that we didn’t do more to stop it . I felt for the flight agent whose life was literally in danger , as she was heroically trying to do her job. By this time, she was red in the face and her body shaking like a leaf in the blowing wind.

All I could do was offer her a comforting squeeze of my hand on her wrist . Trying to encourage her with my eyes , for my empathetic smile was hidden behind my mask, and my words muted with shock .

By the way, that wife DID in fact board the plane before we got there. She initially sat unassumingly with her reading glasses on , until the flight agents came around to question her etc etc. She was given the option to forfeit the flight since her husband was no longer allowed on board thanks to his aggressive behaviors. In between sniffles, she choose to stay on board the flight and leave her husband behind. I honestly don’t blame her .

The world can be so beautiful yet ugly at the same time. A wonderfully planned trip to New Orleans for whisky , jazz and fishing can easily be disrupted by one’s inability to control their negative emotions, and may have now landed this very sad man on a NO FLY list.

As for us, as much as I hated our children being exposed to such chaos, it provided an opportunity for lessons learned and hopefully growth. Our sons and I had a conversation about how we treat our partners , and our girls and I made the PACT about the importance of choosing the right life partner.

We can’t control our future, however we may influence it positively with wisdom accumulated over time and experiences.

The airline staff handled a terrible situation as honorably as they could in my opinion minus the fact that security should have been more readily available for those first two female agents thrust into danger without much shield / protection.

The pilot profusely apologized for the earlier events “ that’s not how we like to do business here” , he said as he welcomed people to file any complaint they may have .

Ultimately he offered us all a drink on the house!🤪, just like the line in that one song.

P/S: oh and to top things up, an hour or so before we land in New Orleans, the cabin lights get turned on and there is the infamous “ is there a doctor on board” question… geez! At this point we were all so ready to get this flight over with , and yes luckily the unwell passenger was fine after all … phew 😅

As always, thank you for reading my blog and of course I welcome your comments and any shared experiences . Please feel free to also “follow” by clicking the follow icon, so you can get notifications on future blog posts💕

*DH ( darling husband)

( Edits, story corrections, and more detailings by the beloved Amara😁)

27 thoughts on “Drama In The Air”

  1. I found myself holding my breath at times. I felt as though I was there with you. Great details. And great lessons for your children…although it was definitely a scary and tense situation. I love the pact. Every parent should make it with their daughters.


  2. Every scenerio in life should be an opportunity to educate our kids about life skills and goals. We have such humans who cannot control their emotions even in public. Thank God the wife made a better decision to stay on the flight for her sanity.


  3. Great story. Great lesson and pact with the kids. And some people are just aggressive in nature ,good that the wife did not join the husband is only God that know what wife as endured in the hand of the aggressive husband. Hope u enjoyed your holiday.


  4. Violence is indeed a bad thing. Out of the ups and downs of life can arise a bad emotion, but how we handle it is what matters. We can use our hands and land ourselves into troubles just because we allowed our feelings to control us and not the other way round.


  5. It’s so sad when family drama plays out in public in such an ugly way. I hope that man gets the help he needs.


  6. WOW!! I felt like I was there and it evoked a lot of emotions! Beautiful story and awesome life lessons! I love the pact you and the girls made! I’m thankful everyone was safe. Hurting people hurt people unfortunately. I’m definitely praying for that couple, especially that poor woman!


  7. Every event is a classroom for learning. If the man wasn’t kicked out of the flight, others that watch it happen especially children may be tempted to repeat such behavior in the future. The action was a good deterrent to ‘would be’ trouble makers. I mostly enjoyed the dexterity of your writings. The previous article I read was written in drama style. The current was in prosaic form. You ability to switch genres is a talent I am hopeful will give us a “bestseller book” one day.


    1. You’re absolutely right about need to set good boundaries for future potential offenders! Lol
      Airplane related aggression is rising and can be quite dangerous.

      P/S: I am glad you enjoyed my writing , thank you.


  8. You get heart o! You mean that in the midst of the “madness” you still remember to take picture? You strong no be small, oya chop knuckle 🤛 .
    As much as possible I try to shield my kids from craziness in every form, though it’s hard, especially in the circumstance you guys found yourselves, the trauma can be incredible. My personal take-home is how you turned a nasty experience into a life lesson. I’ve just put that in my “bag”. 😁.
    Glad a drink came out of it though 😃


  9. Thanks for this nail biter. I appreciate so much that you gave a sweet gesture to the flight attendant. I got misty eyed knowing your patience and calm. I know that made a bad situation better. People can be so mean spirited and a kind gesture from a beautiful empathetic heart can erase some of that nastiness. Glad you all arrived safe and sound.


  10. This was beautiful to read. I’m happy the man didn’t get on that flight. Small win for the wife😁. I love that you turned such an ugly situation to beautiful lessons for the kids. It’s scary that we can’t always protect them from such situations.

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