Sisterhood Is Everything!💕

Est 1990

Those were the words I exchanged in a text with a long time friend who informed me that my younger sister had just called to check on her. She said that they had literally stayed on the phone with eachother for almost 4 hrs, the whole time while my sister drove from Dallas to Houston. Ofcourse hands free, …uh..thank you fancy car Bluetooth phones!😚

Some of you know that I attended an international boarding school in Eastern Nigeria, West Africa from age 11 yrs to 16yrs. Our pioneer class comprised of about 120 other, same aged coed peers literally released into the jungles of Uturu to fend for and find our selves in life through education and social growth. Life brought us all together when we were “ green”. For most of us , this was our first time sleeping away from the security of our family homes.

I still recall my first night at the international boarding school, the memories so vivid in my mind’s eye. The school had officially started March 1st , but I didn’t get back from our family vacation in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia , till about two weeks after the school had commenced. So technically I was a “ pioneer “ in quotations..shh!

My father and our driver De Peter dropped me off close to the dusk on that day , settled me as quickly as they could , and bid me farewell to make their almost 2 hrs car ride back home to the town of Aba, through many bad roads.

I was surrounding by lots of same aged girls in my Dormitory C, but I was already starting to feel lonely. Perhaps something about night time already approaching and me having to set up my bed tent before it was “lights out “ felt daunting to me.

As I made my bed in this open concept dorm hall, friendly eyes met mine. Some initiated small talks, some asked if I needed help, one girl even had such a high emotional IQ to inquire whether I was! ( hopefully she became a physician too)

Quickly we all took to each other , you see with our shared experiences it was easy to bond in this jungle away from the comforts of our homes.

My first night in boarding school, there was raucous sizzling in another nearby girls dorm . A girl was being bullied for expressing she had a crush on a handsome mixed race boy, which clearly was a NO, NO because you see, that boy was already “ claimed” by another girl. A girl much bigger than most of us. I suppose that automatically gave her first dips on Guy Crushes 🤷🏽‍♀️.

They eventually settled the qualms and folks settled on their crushes (mostly nicely) without stepping on too many toes , and life continued…

I spent five intriguing years in the jungles of Uturu , with boys and girls who have become the best of my friends through the years. We grew from our simple young selves to become sophisticated adults , enduring numerous adversities including managing ourselves without electricity and running water . One of our most endearing hardships was having to hike miles to bath and fetch buckets of water from Lake Chinyere.

Our bonding occurred across genders, there were even marriages that came from these friendships. Some of these girls have became like my own sister for life!

Personally, I was blessed with only one birth sister, and she IS truly my best friend, a sister worth a million sisters! ❤️

Therefore, I have a very high taste in sisterhood lol, which means that the women in my life whom I consider as sisters are truly SPECIAL beings. I have also appreciated the value of having sisters across races and spanning many ages, as I get to be nurtured by others’ wisdom , and in turn give back to my younger “ sisters” too.

As adults we now gather as Mothers, Doctors, Lawyers, Financial experts,Social workers, Nurses, Actresses etc. We mostly gather as sisters , supporting , loving and celebrating each other through life’s struggles and triumphs.

“Sisterhood “

My community of sisterhood is a pivotal support in my life. Since my boarding school years, I have added numerous valuable gems as sister -friends in my life. My heart is so grateFUL❤️

Life is best lived in community! Find YOUR community and allow yourself to truly belong to it , giving yourself permission to be vulnerable and authentic.

Thankful for all those sisters in my life. You know who you are!😘

As always, thank you for reading my blog and of course I welcome your comments and any shared experiences . Please feel free to also “follow” by clicking the follow icon, so you can get notifications on future blog posts💕

34 thoughts on “Sisterhood Is Everything!💕”

  1. Sisterhood is truly everything. Blessed to have shared and continue to share so many beautiful memories with you. Another beautifully written and heart warming piece ❤️.

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  2. WOW!!! I learned a lot about you, your experiences and precious memories! Thanks for sharing Kelechi! Beautiful!! You write so eloquently! I love your blogs!

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    1. Grateful to God for the opportunity of meeting a beautiful sister like you .
      Sisterhood is everything ❤️❤️🙏🏾Thanks for reminding me of the beautiful memories of Absuissu….


  3. Life is best lived in community! Find YOUR community and allow yourself to truly belong to it , giving yourself permission to be vulnerable and authentic.
    This is the quote of the day. The reason people survive in Africa and remain happy against all odds is that they live a communal life. A closely knitted life with with persons of like minds makes life easier and worthwhile. It is a natural cure for depression, anxiety, stress and suicide ideation. Someone can have material wealth but live in misery of loneliness. Coming to America opened my eyes to realize that the greatest social asset we have is our community of friends and relatives. Despite swimming in material wealth, America is in poverty of caring communities knitted in comradic fashion of “an injury to one an injury for all”. Everyone seems busy pursuing work and career such that many do not have time for friends and even families.


    1. I learnt quite a lot from this piece especially realizing that ,I can be vulnerable yet authentic in my ‘community ‘


  4. Kelechi
    I so love this! I’d similar experiences too in my boarding school in Northern Nigeria. Your experiences echo mine. I am so grateful for that part of my life, and the girls that have been in my life journey from those days.
    Kudos to you for writing so eloquently on our shared appreciation for sisterhood #givethemtheirflowers #alwayslove


  5. Absolutely beautiful post Kelechi!!
    Sisterhood IS Everything! ♥️♥️♥️

    The support we show each other is priceless.

    Big hugs girlie…


  6. Sisters are gifts that we give to ourselves. This testimony of your beautiful relationships with women is a wonderful reminder of that. Thanks so much for sharing your inspirational story, Sis.


  7. Wonderful! I strongly believe in finding one’s community. Finding the right one is key, a place you can be “vulnerable and authentic”.


  8. Those friendships forged while we explored life away from our parents..the best. I remember forming “hard girl” as I watched my dad drive away after dropping me off in boarding school and crying my eyes out later on at night😄. This story brought on boarding school memories. Thank you for sharing!

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