A Mother’s Heart

Photo Credits: Give Lively

A Mother’s heart is more than the blood vessels , valves and muscle that make up its’ physical form.

It is a holding place for so much .

A Mother’s heart ensues , at that first acceptance of the life within her and grows exponentially at each love at first sight look, after childbirths, adoptions or any chosen connections.

It is a glorious place for love , acceptance while holding us to our best human standards.

A Mother’s heart is calculating, always finding ways to provide for those that she loves, even when that means less is left for her to have.

It is a collection of memories of yesterday’s tiny foot imprints , today’s growing pains and the longing of a beautiful bright future for her loved ones.

A Mother’s heart is JOYOUS at the growth, security and happiness of those she loves.

It is a place of immense connection but also of loneliness, for she alone can feel like she does.

A Mother’s heart is heavy with the sorrows that life can throw curve balls ,which threaten those she loves and wants to fiercely protect from danger.

It is a place of resolution and resilience.

A Mother’s heart can handle today’s disappointments as she quickly wipes away her tears and shows up dressed in her strong , beautiful, supportive smile for tomorrow.

It is a place for immense comfort and knowledge.

A Mother’s heart can also be laden with guilt for any perceived imperfections in herself or those whom she loves . However she is gifted with grace to persevere, discerning when to give her advice or to hold her tongue and pray her children through challenges instead.

A Mother’s heart is the most beautiful thing that the creator made, as it propels the source of ALL life.

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35 thoughts on “A Mother’s Heart”

  1. A mother’s heart is an endless roof upon her children. Whoever claims to love you but detests or disrespects your mother is not worthy of your association. A mother’s heart is the true fountain of life!

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  2. Beautiful and so relatable! As always, I enjoyed your blog Kelechi!!! The pictures are beautiful as well! You write so eloquently! Keep shining and loving on family for God’s glory!

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  3. A mothers’s heart: “However she is gifted with grace to persevere, discerning when to give her advice or to hold her tongue and pray her children through challenges instead”. This is written from a mother’s h. Well done Kele.

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