Re Gathering

The world seems to have “ RE OPENED ”!

Regardless of whether you’re in the camp of believing the pandemic is over or not. It doesn’t seem to matter these days as Life goes on .

I have spoken to many people who are marveled at how full their social calendars are becoming PACKED again. Some are thrilled with excitement, while others had still a healthy dose of apprehension at all the upcoming reunions. In some ways, we have all lost some of our social muscles” from lack of use… we may even feel awkward at reconnecting, do we hug , shake or just nod in acknowledgment of the other? Hmm 🤔

Well, just like just like they say in show business – the show must go on! Ready or Not.

And so it did for us this past weekend!

You see , our oldest daughter was receiving her Confirmation into our Catholic Faith, a major milestone in the life of a Catholic . She was choosing to say YES to her faith-in her own way, as a young Catholic adult.

I must admit getting ready to host our first major gathering since the pandemic brought up interesting emotions. I had to prepare and talk about menus with caterers, get home ready, maybe finally make out time to plant my Lillie’s in the yard?.. after all it’s Spring for heavens sake lol.

Oh, and I didn’t forget to pick up the cake. Yes the one I didn’t order ahead of time but hit the jackpot in the refrigerator display of La bon bouche, with the perfectly decorated “Catholic” cake complete with even a rosary on top!!

To say the least, I was excited to have our home even more FULL with family and friends warming the rooms with their laughter and chatter.

Time does what it does best, it flies and by the time I knew it , It was Friday evening and I was on my way to picking up my parents from the airport. Unlike some people, we had been blessed to see our parents during the pandemic. We are very grateful and don’t take this for granted.

Ada’s confirmation was beautifully orchestrated by the hand of God! Details that only God could manage himself fell right into place … her sponsor ( my cousin by marriage n love) drove almost 7 hrs to arrive just in time – thanks to a surprise time zone change, she was actually EARLY!

She got prettied up after her drive and graciously offered to take our celebrant to church while we gathered the rest of the crew.

Church was PACKED! Parking was crazy but the cathedral basilica never fails to draw my AWE with its majestic bizantine architecture. You automatically feel closer to God in all the history so delicately narrated on its ceilings.

She was the most beautiful celebrant, and yes I am a biased momma.

As a mother, I have many prayers for my first earth Angel and today what I say to God is a big THANK YOU for the blessing of this child – turning young lady, and for the blessing and JOY of RE-gathering for my lovely family and friends!

How do you feel about life re opening these days? Have you gathered and for what reasons?

Here are a few pearls that may help make your next gathering more enjoyable and perhaps less daunting .

1) Consider yourself blessed to have the opportunity at life and having occasion to gather – gratitude is key!

2) Build up your excitement about whatever your occasion is.

3) Do your research- do you still need to wear masks or not, what’s the dress code?who are scheduled to be there ?

4) Show up, don’t take yourself too seriously and HAVE fun!!!

Please feel free to share your thoughts and accompanying emotions about our reopening world , if you

As always, thank you for reading my blog and of course I welcome your comments and any shared experiences . Please feel free to also “follow” by clicking the follow icon, so you can get notifications on future blog posts💕

36 thoughts on “Re Gathering”

  1. I wish I could triple like all these beautiful pictures of my beautiful people ❤️❤️. Kelechi, your posts always speak joy, thank you!
    To our newly confirmed darling daughter, may God’s love surround you always, and may His light shine brightly in/through you always. Congratulations love 💕

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  2. A wonderful piece..well doused with well deserved excitement and renewed promises of post pandemic adventire awaits..always refreshing to see the gathering of kindred spirits…bravo! Well celebrated and surely I missed…

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  3. Yes, Cathedral is the best place to gather for such a beautiful ceremony and I still believe that Angels resides in our Cathedrals. It has this sense of AWE🙏🏾 Happy Confirmation day dear and may God’s presence ever reside in your heart ❤️

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  4. The pictures are awesome in quality and content and truly tell the whole story. But this quote is what took the trophy – “Consider yourself blessed to have the opportunity at life and having occasion to gather – gratitude is key!”- Nothing can be more truer than that…Congratulations to the young Lady !!!

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  5. Oh my God!!! I’d be remiss if I did not apologize for forgetting about attending this very special occasion. I totally forgot and I am not happy about it at all!🥲I enjoyed reading the blog , as always! Kelechi your blogs are so beautifully written and they give me unspeakable joy!! 🥰I love seeing all the beautiful pictures of you and your lovely family. I’m grateful to God our paths crossed! You all are so easy to love and have been a blessing in my life since God allowed us to cross paths. May God continue to shine His face upon you, watch over you and grant you ALL with the desires of your precious hearts! Love you😘

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    1. Awwww Pam we missed your beautiful company . Know that you are so beloved to us . Amen and I received your prayers and pray God’s blessings young you too 🙏🏾❤️


  6. Congratulations again on this joyous occasion. As a catholic myself, I can relate. Confirmation is a significant event in the catholic faith. As for regathering, the show must go on whether there’s COVID or not. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics of your family.

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  7. It was such a beautiful weekend full of love, laughter and great company. Adaeze my goddaughter is so loved! But the love she herself has showered on her siblings and cousins is just amazing. She is the first grandchild from our side of the family and God could not have picked a better leader, mentor, and companion for her siblings and cousins. Ada baby, what you do you do so well. You excel in everything you do. Everything you touch turns to pure magic.. happy confirmation again and looking forward to many more great memories in the future.

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  8. We just need to Keep God in front of us as we “open back our doors”. Another amazing gathering of fam and friends ❤️


  9. I can tell it was a beautiful celebration. I’m definitely team open up. If I told you that my life was never on hold, would you believe me? I lived normal life throughout the pandemic. I loved the shit down though for specific rrasons

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  10. What a privilege it was to journey with this phenomenal teenage blessing of ours.. the drive was worth it and sharing in the beautiful sacrament in person… spiritual transformation. Congratulations again Mama.. 1 down 4 to go❤️

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    1. Awww🥰🥰🥰 I almost didn’t recognize until I RECOGNIZED! Lol kinda like the Damascus story if you see wharam sayin
      Thank you for being an AHMAZING sponsor an Aunt!❤️❤️❤️❤️


  11. Congratulations Adaeze !! Go Onward Christain Soldier. God is pleased with you and has blessed you with abundant courage AND LOVE to share. Keep smiling beautiful GEM. You represent your noble families only too well. Much love Aty Immie

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  12. When the World shut down. I was astonished and then very confused. And then when it started to reopen I felt a lot of personal views of both sides of “Yes, this is great!!!” and “Huh Oh, this isn’t good!” It was time for me to turn off the noise and listen to my heart felt emotions about Covid. 1. It was absolutely OK not agree with someone else’s opinion. It was not OK to push my opinions on others. 2. My meaning of Death at that time was being scared to live. So I took advantage of the quit time and homed in on my own issues of going back out into a grocery store/box chain store/in a pharmacy. (I found a new job working in the food and beverage at a Assistant Living) I took the baby steps that I needed for my own peace of mind and to be respectful of others. Right now I’m so happy the world is getting back to (normal) but the Uh Oh’s…..and there will always be “Uh Oh’s. The disrespect of some people who can’t comprehend that they can’t get instant service of items they were so used to having. Still the trash of masks and gloves thrown on the ground for someone else to pick up. I still see people still leave the restroom without washing or antibacterial their hands (something they should of been doing way before Covid!!!) Covid, did not entirely close my life, I’m thankful that I didn’t know anyone personally who died of Covid, I was thankful to get the first Vaccinations, I am thankful that neither my husband or I got Covid. I’m thankful to see my friends and family again.

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