Bearing Fruit

A spontaneous early afternoon parking lot conversation with a friend, has stirred my spirit.

Perhaps, it was the un scripted nature of our chance reconnection as we both waited for our dance daughters outside their studios that morning that sparked my soul nerve. The dialogue was quickly profound and apparently what my Soul needed in that moment.

Earlier that week, I was sitting in the hot tub outside observing the Magnolia tree in our backyard – a good distraction from the hustle and bustle of the day.

It was early May in the mid west, and this natural beauty was in bloom.

Between its green goddess leaves, I could see buds of white oblong shaped fruits bursting out in an attempt to become beautiful flowers.

It looked to be in a state of transformation.

These oblong shaped fruits looked quietly “ busy “ like they were struggling to birth something even more beautiful.

This is true of any change or transformation… it doesn’t always look “ comfortable “ nor is it “ easy” BUT it is absolutely worth it in the end!

The Magnolia flowers have started to arrive and they are so majestic that it is easy to forget the potentially painful process of it’s not so pretty transformation.

My parking lot friend was discussing the need to continually assess aspects of our lives to ensure that we are BEARING FRUITS which led my thoughts back to my backyard Magnolia tree.

The process of bearing fruit is not an easy one , however it is a NECESSARY event for life to go on.

Like the saying, “the only thing constant about life is change”, we should therefore strive to change and grow, with good fruit bearing abilities.

Many obstacles can attempt to impede our growth and fruit bearing ability. In the case of our Magnolia tree, there was a freeze that came late in the season, confusing it’s growth process and threatening to shrivel its fruits. Resiliently, this green gorgeous beauty persevered!

While we cannot always predict where our obstacles may come from, it is important that we persevere through ALL of them with grace of God.. Remember his grace is sufficient for us…

Yes, some obstacles may even leave us with a scar, yet we must push through to our fruit bearing season.

Christians believe in the need to bear fruits of the HOLY SPIRIT in our lives. Feel free to refer to my past blog post on this topic here

Mothering with the gifts of the Holy Spirit

Bearing fruit is also examining the many aspects of our persons to ensure that our physical , emotional, spiritual and social beings are growing AND bearing fruits.

My parking lot conversation inspired me to assess where in my life am I bearing fruit or shriveling? It has me taking inventory , yet exercising kindness and grace to myself.

My dear reader, I am inviting you too to examine whether your spiritual life is fruit bearing? How about your physical health?Your interpersonal connections and relationships? Your business life, Your career ? Your family life?etc etc.

Whether you are in your spring season of growth and fruit bearing or in the winter season, where like the magnolia, you are safeguarding your nutrients and energy against the cold, I want to encourage you.

The obstacles may come but keep growing and assessing what areas of your life is indeed fruit bearing or not.

Just like the gorgeous Magnolia tree, our world is MORE beautiful with your flowers flourishing in it!

As always, thank you for reading my blog and of course I welcome your comments and any shared experiences . Please feel free to also “follow” by clicking the follow icon, so you can get notifications on future blog posts and not miss out !💕

20 thoughts on “Bearing Fruit”

  1. An unexamined life is not worth living – Socrates. Jesus also made a self examination by asking his disciplines, “who do people say I am and who do you think I am ? It is veritable to occasionally take life stocks. Such enables us to determine if we are growing or just doing ‘all motion no movement’. Fruit bearing entails not only achieving growth, development and progress in our endeavors but also leaving a legacy that lasts after we are long gone. Thank you Dr.Loynd for always using your writings to inspire us to look deeper into our existence.

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  2. What a wonderful read. These are the reasons I love this time of the year. They force you to pause to see how God does it all the time. If he can make a Magnolia tree bear fruit, how much less you. Thank you for sharing and for this great reminder.

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  3. I enjoyed this awesome blog, as always! Self awareness, self examination and bearing fruit for God’s glory, are of paramount importance! Thanks for sharing Kelechi!!!!

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  4. I enjoyed this awesome blog, as always! Self awareness, self examination and bearing fruit for God’s glory, are of paramount importance! Thanks for sharing Kelechi!!!!


    1. Bearing fruit has many biblical food illustrations. In Galatians 5 vs 22 Paul says, “ the fruit of the spirit is love, joy , peace, patience , kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control “. Obviously, we don’t walk around sprouting fruit from our appendages. But the result of our fruits and actions should be as sweet to the recipient and as pleasing to God as if we gave away scrumptious, edible fruit .
      What is the big deal about bearing fruit as a Christian? . Should it matter to us? It matters to God…

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