Alaska Calling

“ A girl like you should see the mountains” – those were the words he said to me while on our long telephone conversation .

You see we had just starting dating ,after our chance meeting at Ohare airport but we were separated by distance for the next several months until graduation. He was doing a sub internship in Alaska and I remained at my school in St Louis.

Not withstanding our busy schedules and the time zone differences, we made time for our evening long distance phone calls. This was before the days of cellular phones popularity , and he had let me borrow his bright green telephone with the longest rippled cords I had ever seen . The long cord allowed me flexibility to be able to walk around my townhouse while we chatted the night away.

We conversed about any and everything! This is one of the beauties of a new relationship. Each conversation is magical and everything is so brand new and intriguing. It’s a wonder we both were able to keep up with our personal daily obligations!

It was also during the Lenten season and as Catholics, it is commonplace to choose “ a Lenten obligation “- that year I decided on the challenge to say my rosary nightly. This was a complicated by my more natural inclination and enthusiasm to converse with my favorite human nightly .

I had shared my Lenten quest with him , and he decided he’d join me in praying the rosary nightly. I didn’t quite expect this , although I wholeheartedly welcomed his offer to join my nightly prayers.

Praying the rosary (a beautiful meditative prayer by the way, typically takes about twenty mins and is filled with many spiritual rewards . Most nights , we started strong and finished together.

However, there were also nights that my tired self was lured to sleep with the repetitious prayers, only to be awakened by the louder voice on the other end, announcing that “ we “ were done praying the rosary and it was indeed bedtime. You mean, you just let me “ finish “ the rosary and hopefully getting some credit for keeping “my” Lenten obligation for the day, all while catching some zzzs?.. wow! thank you!

I was starting to fall more and more in love with him!.

On a recent trip out west, I was exploring the google maps of the states as we drove our now family of six across many state lines. I remarked at just how far across the world Alaska seemed on the map. You see, incidentally I did take him up on his invitation for me to see the mountains of Alaska – over a weekend!

The truth is that I had Nooo idea that I had just agreed to travel almost half way around the world just for a weekend🤨

He was living and working in a remote part of Alaska , which also meant that he had to drive 8 hrs just to come pick me up from the Anchorage airport . Our reunion and time together was magical albeit too short , but totally worth it . We whale watched, hiked, listened to music, saw more wild life such as mountain goats , visited ski slopes and cliffs, dined and it all was pure bliss!

We packed a lot into barley 48hrs together and my only wish was that I could have seen the heavenly magical dance of the Aurora borealis too.

Almost 20 yrs later , and with our growing family, I would still make this “ crazy” decision to travel across the world to see mountains with you because you’re right … “ a girl like me should see the mountains…with you♥️

What “ crazy” gestures have you made for love – both young and old love?

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22 thoughts on “Alaska Calling”

  1. This is so magical.. I am so glad you allowed him to join you pray the rosary all those many years ago as I too have gained a lot from just watching the love between you two. Your family is such a great example for unending love and sacrifice for one another. May God continue to bless your home

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    1. What a beautiful love story!!! That is truly a gift from God! May God continue to bless and watch over all of you, as you live the abundant life He has ordained for you guys! What God ordains, He maintains! Thanks so much for sharing!! I love you guys!!!!❤️❤️❤️

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  2. Awww this is so beautiful and romantic! A girl like you should truly see the mountains and I love how the rosary solidified this beautiful love story. Can’t go wrong with God as your foundation. Built to last. Love it 😘😍🥰❤️🙏🏾

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  3. This gave me all the good feelings my heart desires this morning! So, the picture strolling, is that now or 20years ago? What a champ of a human — both of you to pray together so long ago and even now. God bless you, adventure woman!

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  4. This is probably my favorite story because all of these years I never realized that the rosary really cemented your relationship. I am so happy that you two found each other. We are blessed with you two and 4 As – Adaeze, Amara, Alan and Alex. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  5. I smiled all through while reading the beautiful piece and still is while typing my comment because, your journey reminded mine with my husband, him in Germany while I was in Nigeria.

    Congrats sis, the joy of the Lord shall never depart from your home!

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  6. I would like the courage to pray the rosary. No lie and reading this just maybe the inspiration I need. I have started and stopped multiple times that I have no idea how we did it as children. Thank you for writing this and for showcasing these beautiful mountains.

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