Football Nail clipping

Our 13 yr old twins now play football!

Yes “American “ football! …Complete with tackles and hits😳

The interest began last fall at the invitation of the football coach after they participated in the school’s summer football camp.

I reluctantly agreed while swallowing my nervousness about my own fears of them getting hurt, since football seemed to me like such a physical sport😏.

I mean you have people literally charging FULL throttle and throwing their bodies FULL on at one another , in quest of this brown and white oblong shaped object ,prized on the football fields.

I conceded and they have played and loved every minute especially all the way to winning the championship game last year!

Of course once they tasted a winning team , naturally they wanted to continue playing football this year.

So we signed them up.

More 7th grade boys apparently felt the same and the team has now amassed so many new members this school year.

Some whose parents could no longer resist their young boys’ pleas to let them play. They too threw up their white flags and braced themselves for the football rides.

The excitement for the football team at school has been building all summer !

Football practices began and our boys have been playing daily since the latter part of summer break and are still loving this crazy physical sport … their football passion is honestly competing with their long term ice hockey commitment.

We’ll see…

Finally this morning was the day of the football jamboree!! It’s the official unofficial first games of the season.

So this morning we woke up early and I drove with our boys all the way down to Washington Missouri for their first football jamboree while DH managed the score boards at our youngest daughter’s ice hockey game in town.

We really have to divide and conquer with our busy family schedule😅

My muse for this blog post was really what occurred as soon as I announced to our sleepy sons who had fallen asleep on the ride that we had reached our destination for the jamboree about an hour after we set out for Washington Missouri.

As they got out of the car and began to gather their protective chest pads and helmets, I noticed one of them grab a nail clipper he brought along with him and started to trim his nails.

Since we were in a hurry, I offered to help him to speed us along.

While I trimmed A’s nails as we both stood in the parking lot facing the car’s open trunk, I was moved by his reasons for needing to trim his nails right before the football jamboree.

A said he wanted to make sure he didn’t scratch anyone with his nails during the games. A beaming smile came across my face as I was grateful for this child’s caring heart!♥️

Even though he was about to go out on that field to make tackles and hits (or whatever other physical tactics is involved in this game of football that I am still a learning novice at , lol), …..his good natured self wanted to make sure his nails did not accidentally hurt other players?

There in that parking lot, dressed in all that football padded and almost taller than me now, he was still my baby !

He was letting me help trim his nails, which for he and I , was one of our bonding activities for so many years until his preteen self felt that he had “ outgrown” needing his mother’s help with nail clippers.

I loved helping him trim his nails and I absolutely love his caring heart!

They both had a great time on the field and I cheered excitedly for good plays and winced when players got sacked 😳

I prayed for protection for ALL the babies turned preteens and teens out there on the fields and ice rinks or whatever other sports folks are playing.

And Yup! We’re still playing American football 🏈 🤷🏽‍♀️🙌🏽🙏🏾🥰 and loving it!

Do you have any special bonding traditions with your loved ones?

Feel free to share if you’d like, and if you don’t have any, it is never too late to start some 😍

As always, thank you for reading my blog and of course I welcome your comments and any shared experiences . Please feel free to also “follow” by clicking the follow icon, so you can get notifications on future blog posts and not miss out !💕

*DH ( darling husband)

16 thoughts on “Football Nail clipping”

  1. Another awesome blog! May Our Lord and Savior protect your boys from all hurt, harm and danger, as well as everyone on the teams! Enjoy their new experience! I love it! The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. All your children are compassionate just like their parents! You guys ROCK!🥰

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    1. At 6 ?! Nooo 😫way too early but good for his independent self. I literally just most held on to this one kid with that lol the rest I hardly remember trimming theirs , some just good ole mail bite🤣


  2. How well I remember driving from NW Ohio to Atlanta in support of our youngest daughter to watch her race for 56 seconds in a relay and then turn around and head back to Ohio. It isn’t crazy. It is what parents do in support of their kiddos

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  3. American Football is a physical game. However, it has the potential to turn people into super stars than “schooling” could do. As a parent, you may always be fearful of the physical impact of the sport but the teens have no such fear. To them it’s like a normal play with fellow teens. My prayers for them is that our good God should guide them safely to the top, where kings & queens will long for tickets to watch their games. Amen!


  4. Lovely 💥💜!! I had the same concerns about my son , but his enthusiasm and persistence weakened me. All I could do was to pray for him everyday . I thank God for keeping him safe from everything that can go wrong with this type of sport . He played through high school and now a freshmen in college 🙌🏿👍🏿

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