Seasons of Change💕

Have you ever heard the saying “ it smells like rain?”

I always wondered what exactly “it” smells like? Those who say that they can smell the incoming rain usually state it with some confidence in their knowing.

Typically they don’t give a precise description of the smell of incoming rain except to say “yup! It sure smells like rain”

It would be nice if the storms of our lives came with warnings in the form of a fragrance or perhaps an alarm. This will help us prepare for the changes of new season in our lives.

Not every change of season is to be feared. Some changes of season are welcomed for the endings that they bring and the new beginnings they usher in.

In life, change is inevitable. A wise man once said that the only thing constant about life is change.

Nonetheless change can be hard. We are creatures of habit and we thrive on predictability.

While we are always undergoing changes , some changes of seasons are more impactful than others.

Going through changes in our lives and the lives of those we love can be OH So bitter sweet.

There are joys in the new seasons but there are also challenges and hardships with having to make ANY change.

As the fall winds begin to enter the Midwest American atmosphere, I too notice the changes in my own life.

I am watching my young children become teenagers who are now sparing with their hugs from time to time. Distant are the days of their toddler selves , physically clinging on to my arms ( and even legs) for security.

Their growth is beautiful to see, but they are also growing into their own independent lives.

In addition, I am also watching my dear parents, now grandparents beginning to age and need more care.

Spending the past week with my parents in New Orleans, was a stark reminder of these winds of change.

Is this what they mean by the “sandwich generation”?

My family, parents and my parents in law at our twins’ holy communion celebration.

I don’t know what the new season of life will bring however I am hopeful. Hopeful that I am equipped with all the grace I need to triumph through this season of change.

Gratefully, I don’t walk this path of change alone, and will not take for granted, the many loved ones I have , on this journey of life .

All of your support have been highlighting the blessings of God in this season of change.

As always, thank you for reading my blog and of course I welcome your comments and any shared experiences .

Have you had to care for your aging parents while raising your own children? Do you have any advice for managing these sandwich generation years?

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21 thoughts on “Seasons of Change💕”

  1. Change is always good. It is a challenge to grow in some way, shape, or form. With that said, it can definitely be painful, or cause us pause. I marvel at my new teen. I am thrilled to watch him turn into a young man seeking his own hopes, dreams, and desires. Of course, I support him in everything. Nevertheless, I miss my baby who wanted and needed to be with me as much as humanly possible. I know, however, that it’s new season of life will be better than ever.

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  2. The change is obvious in the photographs. A picture is indeed more than a thousand words. By this time next ten years, if you repeat the picture you will see the real change. One thing with time is that it passes stealthily but does massive things as it sweeps by. Your family is lovely and exemplifies what GOD wants a family to be like on earth.


  3. That was so beautiful! They definitely grow up so fast! You guys are such a beautiful family!! I always love the family pictures and enjoy reading your blogs Kelechi! ! I’ll be praying for you guys and your parents as well!! I love you guys dearly!❤️

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  4. Chang is constant. Change is inevitable and it’s also good for us. Change is a transitional journey. Learning how to embrace the change that we experience is very vital and key to our sustainability. Change is a natural phenomenon just like the change of seasons. We can embrace change as an invitation to improve and enhance our lives.

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  5. Many people are afraid of change. At the end of the day, transitions are inevitable and no one person or place can stay the same forever. In pursuit of personal or Organizational growth, you will have to embrace change at some point.

    I see this everyday. Mostly in my work place. Soon as a new application (software) is introduced to the organization, it’s mostly met with resistance. In my private business today, I introduced my new hire to a client and she didn’t feel comfortable about it. A bit worried the change.

    My conclusion, change is only as scary as you make it seem. Embrace it, adapt and move forward quickly. No dulling.

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  6. Change is indeed an inevitable challenge in mans life, it can break or make one stronger.
    Change can be so very overwelming, the past 1year of my life have been like a race, moving so fast with lots of things happening at same time that it felt so draining.

    You have a beautiful family. Change is difficult but its beautiful.


  7. Change is inevitable 😮. My prayer always is for God to grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, courage to change the things we can and the wisdom to know the difference 🙏🏿

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  8. One of my kids hates change. Beginning of the school year can be tough and so we often dread if. It’s been amazing to see his growth, see him embrace it this year that all I can say and pray is the grace that comes with change to be your portion this season. It got us by.

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  9. I don’t have the (sandwich generation) situation because I don’t have kids. I do have a thought about it…..My Mom feels that change is, losing touch of family and even though we are all near to her she can’t help feeling the loss because she refuses to use the smartphones and iPads we try and give her. She still wants to write checks for gas, groceries, and at restaurants. I see some of the reasons why she wants to keep her Family traditions within her family. Our work, our own families/pets and finding time to ourselves is getting in the way of her way of her feelings of not changing. ……I myself loved and thrived with changes in my teen, 20’s 30’s 40’s with Electronics, fashion, communications, lifestyle… biological kids of my own, but I considered my dance students and nephews and niece, as my own blood children. I would get “Empty Birds nest” syndrome when the kids got to be driving age and off to college or boyfriends. Boy did that hit like a jack hammer right to the heart!!! I didn’t think that I would start feeling like my Mom. “Change isn’t so good for keeping the immediate family together”……..I told myself, “You will soon start feeling sorry for yourself and end up in a never ending change from sadness. Even though I was surrounded with other family and Friends around me. ……If I refuse to look at all the Good constant change in my life, I wouldn’t be able to embrace the wondrous joys I’ve learned from the changes. My advice for new changes, is now….”Relax and let it happen” and if the changes aren’t to my liking , I say to my self “walk away, or it will be a long dreadful day”

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