Long live the Queen !( In our hearts)♥️

Photo credit: Jonathan Brady/AP

Today is one of those days that we will remember for the rest of our lives… The day that Queen Elizabeth II was lost to the ages.

What were you doing when you heard the news?

It’s a news that we knew was inevitable but still it stings us with surprise and sadness.

I mean she was the longest reigning monarchy! 70 yrs of rule🙌🏽 and yet that doesn’t seem quite enough.

Most of us have known her as Queen of the commonwealth for all of our lives.

It just feels weird to have that reality be different now.

Again , we are reminded of the seasons of change , for change is the only thing constant about life.

Change always happens.

Truth is Queen Elizabeth was beloved by so many!

My dear friends and I are even more grateful that we made our first trip to the London Buckingham Palace during our spring break circa 2002. I am also grateful that DH* and I visited again during our very first international trip as a couple

Queen Elizabeth embodied courage and loyalty which are human characteristics that inspire us .

So where were you when you heard the news today?

My kids heard it during the 6th period at school today.

I heard the news of her passing while I chatted on the phone with my MIL ( Mother in law) during my after school activities mom taxi runs😅

My MIL and I connected (yet again ) on our common admiration of this queen of many decades. My MIL is really is our local STL Queen with her many wonderful qualities ♥️

Truth is that, we need Queens in our lives , people who inspire us to be courageous, graceful, have impeccable taste in clothing and jewelry , loyal and above all , LOVING.

Queens with those qualities bring HOPE to humanity, no matter the seasons of our lives.

I am grateful for all the Queens in my life.

Rest in glory your royal highness 🙏🏾 Queen Elizabeth II.

As always, thank you for visiting and reading my blog and of course I welcome your comments and any shared experiences .

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(*DH Darling husband)

8 thoughts on “Long live the Queen !( In our hearts)♥️”

  1. She was a very compassionate queen. Not a coincidence that she exited on the birthday of our Blessed Mother. May her soul Rest In Peace.🙏🏾


  2. We all know it’s not about titles. It’s about character and Queen Elizabeth II was a humble woman of impeccable integrity! She will never be forgotten! May Our Lord and Savior comfort her family, as well as everyone connected to her, in the precious name of Jesus! Rest In peace Queen Elizabeth II.

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  3. I’d be remiss if I didn’t say, Queen Kelechi thanks again for sharing your blog! God bless you! Queen Elizabeth II was truly loved by many!🥲❤️ LoveU much 🥰

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  4. I was at work with an Elderly Lady I visit on Tues and Thurs. I had gotten a text from a friend. The devil instantly took over me as I didn’t think about the Queen Elizabeth’s death or how her friends and family are in great pain with her passing away.. My mind jumped right to Princess Di’s death, how tragic it was. I had been glued to the TV for weeks awaiting for all the information. I would tear up every time they played “Goodbye England’s Rose” on the radio…Not saying Queen Elizabeth isn’t worth a great tribute. When I was young I saw more pictures and news and press releases of Princess Di, visiting 3rd war countries, holding hands with the children and talking with the people who lived there, what can she do to help them….I will read up more about Queen Elizabeth life and contributions when I get passed of my animosity towards Charles and his wife taking over King and Queen…..Now I think about the woman who I think that has a lot of Queens Qualities. YOU!!!

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