A King’s Kid

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A statement from my devotional today really caught my curiosity. The speaker said “ remember when you feel doubt you’re a King’s kid”.

This is because “ but as many as received him, to them he gave right to become children of God” -John 1:12

God is King and that makes us a King’s kid, as long as we believe and receive Jesus.

I am loving the image of myself as a King’s kid, a princess to be precise. Reflecting on this has elevated my spirit, boasting my confidence, infact maybe even giving me an extra pep in my step today.

I don’t know about you but the thought of being a princess sounds pretty fabulous to me. What images of royalty does this conjure up for you in your mind?

Seriously this message really is so timely for me. Timely because even for just today, I needed to not doubt me, or my abilities , especially as my strength weans and I feel weary under the pressure of my doctor/ mothering TO DO lists.

After all, I AM a King’s kid , a precious daughter of the most high God.

I pray this statement settles in your spirit and encourages you too , as you read this .

Remember when you feel doubt, don’t forget that you too are a King’s Kid, and that is a very special place to be!💕

As always, thank you for reading my blog and of course I welcome your comments and any shared experiences .

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12 thoughts on “A King’s Kid”

  1. The problems surrounding mankind abound. The earthly governments have squeezed out all the free endeavors that God gave us from us. The few they cannot take they poisoned e.g. air pollution. Many are depressed and demented because of the hopelessness oozing from the unfair configuration of today’s world. For true Christians, we are not lost. The children of the king are never lost. His strength is manifest in our weakness.

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    1. I enjoyed reading your blog Kelechi! I embrace being a princess and a king’s kid, receiving the fringe benefits of love, joy, peace, happiness and victory over life’s challenges. I was in bondage for years before I took on a new identity. God removed the blinders from my eyes. Thanks for the awesome reminders. I am a king’s kid for life for God’s glory!🥰

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  2. l am a king’s kid for life and l say it with conviction. ln life it’s not what other people say about you that messes you up but what you say about yourself .
    You gotta speak 🗣️ blessings upon yourself !!

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