The Intro…

Frozen! I have dreamed of sharing my ideas with the world for as long as I can recall .

There is so much I feel I need to say so then why do I feel inhibited now? I finally figured out what buttons to click to start a blog and phbbbbtttt I’m frozen?! I sit with my quiet for a while and glance around me. My feet are on our minivan’s dashboard, our children contentedly watching “CoCo” on DVD, while my DH ( Dashing Husband) is driving our family of 6 back home from vacationing in Destin , Florida.

The truth is as I sit in my inner quiet , I mostly feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude. I have just spent an amazing time away from my normal routine , skiing in the mountains of Colorado and then soaking up the early springtime Florida sunshine. The contrast of glistening white snow on my face to the soft white beach sand on my feet has been incredible!
I am enraptured in the beautiful thoughts of gratitude that comes from taking a vacation. Nope nothing frozen about these thoughts .

They come pouring out, filling my heart with gratitude. How can we underestimate the importance of getting away to one’s peaceful , awe striking place? I know we can’t all afford the time or resources to physically get away on vacation,therefore may I suggest that you consider occasionally creating a mental space as your own escape

. These places and spaces truly rejuvenate our human spirit , giving us what it takes to tackle life’s next to do list , whether a challenge or just returning to your normal routine !

4 thoughts on “The Intro…”

  1. This is so so so amazing sister.. when you told me you were planning on starting mindmuse I had no idea it would be this intriguing and exciting.. wow!! I had no idea this prolific of a writer.. I cannot wait to come on this amazing journey with my my only sister 😘❤️

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