Day 2 -Shira Camp!

13F58EFE-6EB4-4E39-8FBB-A517FBF389A5Shira Camp – Day 2!!

We set out to Shira Camp from Macahme camp at exactly 8 am after another lovely meal by chef Amos. As usual the guides set the pace and give protection for all of us especially since this terrain was very rocky and steep. The kids keep up with the pace without many “ How much longer?”

Everyone appears healthy, the boys literally are playing  aka talking through “magic the gathering “ card game from memory … “ oh we memorized our decks Mom”… okay then🤨while the girls DH and myself play the game “name the celebrity alphabet game “. This helps past the time and distract from the tasking climb. Oh by the way, Amara is fully mended from her right elbow injury. Incidentally I omitted to mention that while we were enjoying an excellent Israeli dinner with my cousin ,on our last night in New York , Amara hurt her arm while jumping around on the staircase … long story short blah blah blah , we ended up taking a cab to the nearest urgent care center , an X-ray , an arm sling and 3 hrs later  and lots of TLC we are released and able to fly to Africa the next morning.Phew😅

But I digress… the point is ,she is totally fine and back to all things Moo baby again while on the mountain . The kids tolerated us asking to get pictures,well because they were forwarned ahead of time that we deserved pictures of this expedition and there was to be no complains nor whines about that. Just smile and say cheese and viola! that’s what they mostly did. The terrain was tougher on day 2 so having the trekking poles were helpful for my running aging knees lol. We all took it easy.

We got to Shira camp around 1 pm, settled in with lunch , girls and I took a nap while the twins “ rough hausing “- their words exactly when I asked what they did while we napped lol. We had another short acclimatization hike and came down for a medical check before dinner and bedtime. No headaches no nausea , no altitude sickness , So far so good!.

I got a chance to write and it feels good because I truly want to hold and cherish these mountain memories for as long as possible. Also because I enjoy writing and I hope that you too enjoy reading . Thank for you for visiting my blog and for your comments and follows.


2 thoughts on “Day 2 -Shira Camp!”

  1. What a wonderful blessing to be able to share such magical experience with your family.. love you sis 😘


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