Pain can be numbing , you wonder about the irony of such a “numbing “ feeling .

Pain can be confusing, you wonder how you got here but more importantly how do you get away from it.

Pain can be internalized but you wonder how come your unexpectedly shed tears betray you so publicly.

Pain can be lonely and yet you wonder how come it feels less heavy when faced in unity and love.

Pain can be physical in the scars we can see, and yet you wonder how come the emotional scars , at times hurt more.

Pain can be a reminder of our human limitations and also a means to grow our surrender to the creator of the universe.

Pain can be a reminder of its converse, which is JOY.

Pain is a definite reminder that in life , we have to take the good with the bad.

Pain can be the process , through which we grow into something more WONDERFUL💕

22 thoughts on “PAIN”

  1. Such a wonderful piece.
    Speaking about pain is a topic most people evade from as its degree and discomfort makes us feel low.
    As they say” what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger ”
    Pain strengthens us too on the brighter side of it.
    This is deep, and I pray for all those who can resonate with pain atm. Stay resilient and strong. For this too shall pass🙏🏽
    Keep it coming KC. Welldone.

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  2. I am learning to love pain as there is always wisdom in the end, when all the tears and ashes fade away. It’s tough in the moment. But I am learning to be patient with pain, to love it too, no matter how hard it seems. Thanks for this reminder. There is joy in pain.

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  3. Thanks for sharing sis u are such a great writer pain is indeed intense but I guess that’s life we have to accept the good with the bad it’s indeed a process may God comfort we all in times of pain Amen..


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