Local family climbs Mount Kilimanjaro | ksdk.com

Local family climbs Mount Kilimanjaro
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Remember that I mentioned earlier how I have great family and in laws right? Well so somehow my brother in law had connections to the Local News station celebrity/reporter Renee Knott who contacted my DH while we were still on Africa to say he wanted to interview the family once we got back…no pressure of course lol

Wednesday morning before heading off to clinic for work that day, jet lagged n all, our family all sat bright eyed in our living room and chatted about our experience hiking Mt ” Kili” as a family , as well as our twins boys earning the world record for the youngest official Mt Kilimanjaro summiteers!!!. See, the legal youngest age to climb is 10yrs, they turned 10yrs on the day of summit , so viola!

Since our trip, my sweet MIL Oma has turned this blog into a picture book as a gift to us. All of these memoirs help keep this trip more alive for us .

It’s an understatement to say I will forever cherish what this adventure has meant to our family. I firmly believe that’s God took us up that mountain and walked with and cared for us all the way! May he continue to hike all of life’s seasons and terrains with all of us- You and yours too !

Thank you for reading my blog😘

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