She Was Gifted A Peacock!💕

The Actual Argentinian Peacock

We are from eastern Nigeria and the holidays are a big time of merriment and social connections.

Growing up., my cousins all gathered in from the different cities where they resided, each of the families heading towards the village- THIS is where all the exciting of the holidays happen.🤗

As Christians, Christmas and Easter where the big holidays , but truth be told our parents also would bring us home to the village for the African traditional holiday of “ Iri ji” aka Yam festival in August. This was in celebration of the Harvest season.

As a child, I relished the times spent in the village during the holidays! Everything seemed electric with all the excitement from all the city dwellers now “ bubbling” through the typically quiet rural farming country sides.

There were lots of lingering and the times were spent visiting relatives and just BEING.

People visited in laws and friends alike , with typically NO AGENDA.

Some times the visits were accomplished by just a stroll to the next village compound , while other visits required long rides in the car on dusty unpaved roads that left your body wobbled with the “ African massage”or nauseated from the bumpy roads .

Either way, once you reached your destination, it was typically full of WARMTH ❤️

Long warm embraces and gifts were typically exchanged . The hosts naturally made such a big fuss about presenting various food delicacies , beginning with presentation of kolanuts to their guests.

As an adult now living in the US, I do miss this precious tradition of fellowship.

My cousins and I are no longer able to all gather in the village for holidays like we did in the past . We deem ourselves very lucky when we can afford to coordinate visits to our home village for any joyous occasion like the holidays.

So in Dec 2021 when my Aunt was spending the holidays in her village, her daughter who is my dear cousin, shared updates and pictures of the trip with me .

One of the pictures she shared was a picture of BEAUTIFUL peacock with it’s feather spread so proudly. It immediately caught my eye and peaked my curiosity … for a peacock in the village is a rare sight .

Then she told me that her mother ( my Aunt ) was just gifted a PEACOCK from Argentina ,during her visit to her sister in law’s home.

I LOVED every bit of that story for so many reasons … OFCOURSE she was gifted an exotic beautiful bird, from her sister in law!

The truth is , she DESERVED such a beautiful gift because she IS beautiful.

I have thought about this charming gift so many times from so many angles … it is a lovely gesture that speaks to the CALIBER of a woman she is . It speaks to the beautiful relationship she has been able to build with her in laws, that they saw her fitting of such a gorgeous exotic bird as a gift.

Truthfully, She IS ELEGANT as a peacock , with her delicate yet proud strides.

It was an all around Beautiful gesture that highlights the wonderful traditions we were lucky to experience growing up in Eastern Nigeria.

In Igbo language, we say “ Mmadu Ka Aku” which translates to Human relations are more valuable than riches!💕

Ultimately, I hope that the people in your lives find you valuable enough to think that you too deserve gifts of a beautiful Peacock ( figuratively speaking ofcourse lol)

Now , now.., don’t despair if you’re not quite there yet. Keep working on developing your BEST self that someday will earn YOU, your own version of a BEAUTIFUL PEACOCK!❤️

As always, thank you for reading my blog and of course I welcome your comments and any shared experiences . Please feel free to also “follow” by clicking the follow button, so you can get notifications on future blog posts💕

25 thoughts on “She Was Gifted A Peacock!💕”

  1. A peacock for a gift? That is amazing and I’ll definitely keep striving to deserve a “peacock” gift. Thanks for this piece


  2. Hey Dr. K,
    Thanks for that reminder of what life used to be like back home 🤗🤗 I refused to be melancholic.🥲 I still hold those memories close to my heart. It’s always a topic of interest when with families and friends. Of course, my kids are not exempted 😂😂😂.
    In the past, I have never really thought of fostering a deeper relationship with people because of trust issues and vulnerability. Now, I have come to value true friendship and its impact on Our mental health.
    As usual, keep up the excellent work.


  3. Thank you for gifting me a peacock❤️. Awesome story, I am truly blessed that our paths have crossed and I will keep striving to be the best. Thanks for everything.


  4. What a beautiful way of saying bad roads “unpaved roads”, “African massage” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    I love the idea of a peacock. A lovely read


  5. I want one🥰🤣🤣🤣
    Your story brought such nostalgic feelings about village general return during Christmas period centuries ago😘


  6. Kele nwanne, I just love your narratives and the beauty that you continuously portray in all the stories…How timely, and relevant is this ‘madu ka aku’ adage especially with the today’s news that loneliness is the common factor in all the recent mass shootings..The human interactions with friends and families during the holidays and just ‘BEING ‘ were foundational in my mental health and stability. Keep chugging out these ‘wise’ guidance.

    Liked by 1 person

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